When I first started DJing in the early 2000s, the first genre I got into was chill. I was working as a sound designer on TV shows during the day, going to raves on the weekend and I discovered I really loved DJing as the sun came up with my motley collection of electronica, trip-hop, sound effects records and weird spoken word albums found at thrift shops. I love chilled out music. From the first time I heard ‘Dummy’ by Portishead and ‘Endtroducing’ by DJ Shadow in the mid 90s, I was hooked on songs that are slow, beautiful and full of soul.

I now make my living from DJing pop music to absurdly large groups of people as Hot Dub Time Machine and it’s been really fun to return to these obscure, beautiful records and put this podcast out into the world. I love this music, I love making this podcast. It’s all completely mixed on vinyl and recorded to the highest quality possible. I recommend getting the HD files, after listening to mp3s of people mixing mp3s, it’s like a warm bath for your ears. I hope you love it too.

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100% Vinyl, 100% HD, 100% DeepChill. Mixed by Tom Loud aka Hot Dub Time Machine. All artwork by Alexandra Plim.